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In 2020 Phantom returns to the UK in the form of Phantom Racing Cars Ltd.

Phantom began manufacturing sports racing cars in 1972 with Chris Greville Smith & Richard Cresswell. These cars raced within the Clubman's Register which has now become the Clubmans' Sports Prototype Championship, racing under MSVR and also had a strong presence in Sweden.

Later Phantom was taken over by Jan Nordgren & Anders Andreasson in Sweden, who continued to develop the Phantom marque through the Swedish Clubmans Register. A two seater model was also created during this time which has also made its way back to the UK.


Why did we bring Phantom back to the UK?

Phantom Racing Cars Ltd has been formed by Alex Champkin, who has a long history of racing within the Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship with Phantoms and Visions, whilst also offering arrive & drive services in these cars.

There had long been plans to produce a new sports prototype race car, and when the opportunity was presented early in 2020 of bringing Phantom back, it was perfect timing.

We are underway with the manufacture of our first car, the 'Phantom PR-22'. This will be based on the most recent S22 model as brought back from Sweden with some small refinements in the form of up to date safety fuel cells, dry sump systems, suspension alterations & a change in engine specification.


This will be aimed as an incredibly quick track day car capable of matching the likes of Radicals in lap time, and other very expensive GT cars that are common on these events, yet being far more cost effective. This will also be eligible to race with the MSVR Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship, Sports Prototype Cup & other all comers events.

Later in 2023 will see the debut of our new 2 seater Phantom whereby we will be attending track days and offering passenger rides to demonstrate the speed of these exceptionally quick cars.

Please follow our blog for the latest updates on our progress and builds, with future plans soon to be announced.

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